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The filaments of the V1 and V2 tubes are supplied with a DC voltage from bridge rectifier GL3 (B30C600) and C32a-b-c (3x 400 uF).
Did you replace that C32 ?
I am not sure, but I think C32 is one aluminium housing that contains three capacitors.
V3-4-5-6 and V8 are fed with AC, directly from the power transformer.
Also V7 is powered with AC, but from a different winding of the transformer.
If you have an oscilloscope check the ripple of the DC voltage on V1 and V2.
If the ripple is quite high, check the capacitors and bridge rectifier.
Do you "close" the reproduce head with the greenish handle in front of the head block ?
That handle puts a screen before the reproduce head and needs to be used.

Oh: I have sent you a P.M.

Keep up the good work !

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