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BeesNeez - A Customer Service Tale

In December of 2012 I had a little money left in my gear budget for the year. BeesNeez had just introduced their Oliver mic and were selling them at an introductory $799. It matched my budget and I'd heard good things about their mics, and it sounded like an interesting product so I ordered one.

There followed a period of delay. It appeared I had ordered just as some family health issues struck the company. I received an email from them apologizing for the delay and offering me a choice - I could stick with the Oliver or I could swap to an Arabella GT. If I stayed with the Oliver I would be looking at a delay of several more weeks, but a production run of the Arabella GT was expected to finish shortly and I would receive the mic faster. So, I swapped to the Arabella GT. I received a shipping notice about a week or so later.

Then nothing.

After a few weeks (because I had no idea how long it would take to ship from Australia, so I gave it some time) I followed up again. It had shipped via USPS so the "tracking number" was virtually useless. BeesNeez confirmed that the package had shipped, but they could not locate it either. So they promptly shipped me ANOTHER mic, asking only that if the first package showed up I would send it back.

At this point it had been several months since my original order. However, the second package arrived only a few days after the follow-up shipment. I opened the package to find the expected Arabella GT ... and a Lulu FET small-diaphragm mic included as an apology for the order taking so long.

So not only did they bump me up to a more expensive (especially compared to the introductory price I paid) mic to apologize for a delay that was out of their control, but they GAVE me another mic for free to make up for a second delay that was caused by the postal service! That's going the extra mile to keep a customer happy. And the mics sound fantastic! Needless to say the company is very high on my list of manufacturers at this point. I'm probably going to order another Lulu FET in the near future so I'll have a pair. They'll work very nicely in my mic collection, and I can already tell that the Arabella GT is going to be one of my favorite vocal mics and I'm excited about trying it on other sources in the near future.

Anyway, you hear plenty about poor customer service so I thought I would share a story about GOOD customer service.