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Originally Posted by Mixocalypse View Post
Lee, id like to change the background of the mixer strips and the track headers in the arrange to a lighter gray, like yours. where/what are these parameters?
Look for ChannelStrip_BG - It's a (subtle) gradient, so you need to adjust two colours, top and bottom.
You also need to adjust ChannelStrip_SelectedBG - for when the channel is selected.

You can find all these parameters yourself fairly easily, just use the search function and stick something useful in ('mixer', 'panner', 'arrange', 'trackheader' . . . etc)

Here are my values for the ChannelStrip, I think I just increased Logic's default values by 40* (or something like that).

*(I increased the first of the two values in the brackets by 40 - the first number is the shade of grey from black (0) to white (255), the second number is the opacity).

GreyColor values are {X,Y}
X = greyscale 1 - 255
Y = opacity 1 -255

sRGB values are {X,Y,Z,A}
X = red 1 - 255
Y = green 1 - 255
Z = blue 1 - 255
A = opacity 1 - 255