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Sorry for the negative intrusion.
But I just had to chime in... I'm am NOT a supporter of this company anymore.

They take a 60% cut and don't really do much for it (except host your music).
Just think about it. They have you do ALL of their work (i.e; upload, tag... tons of metadata, categorize and set the pricing) and then they don't bother selling your music for the price point you set!

When I initially uploaded... I used tracks that had been hibernating in my hard drives. I figured "what the hell?" Soon thereafter, I was getting placements for phone app games, ringtones, hotel lobby music, ethnic/world music placements internationally, etc.
Then I would receive their royalty payment statement. When I did the math... the hours spent uploading and meta-tagging, etc., versus the measly royalties and saw their cut... I decided that was it. They have an excellent model for the "entry-level" composer looking to move some tracks but for the true professional or someone that seeks to involve themselves to a greater degree in the composing world, it is best to stay away from AudioSparx.

Needless to say... it degrades your value especially in the eyes of the major libraries. I had one such situation recently. I had submitted to a "top 5" music production library that was curious enough about me to do some research and when they found out I was selling my music on AudioSparx and they decided to pass on me. I pleaded with them to understand that I don't submit anymore and haven't submitted any music to them in over a year. I also told them that AudioSparx won't release me from their agreement (the fact that I reassured Lee Johnson/AudioSparx that I will never place anymore music with them, I didn't think there was any real reason to leave a disgruntled composer on their roster) despite my verbal and written request to terminate my agreement.

Thankfully... this library rescinded their decision and signed me exclusively and for that I am grateful. However... the entire AudioSparx experience has left a bitter taste...

Best of wishes to one and all.
I can't really disagree with you since their cut compared to the actual work they do is pretty awful.

I used this library as an 'entry point' and it did well for me. This has allowed me to branch out considerably.

When I started taking my business elsewhere they weren't particularly happy and actually asked me what libraries I was getting onto which was odd.

It seems they've made their agreement so awkward now - I haven't uploaded anything for ages on there because I get good library work elsewhere and they stopped promoting me on their site for changing plans.

I actually wanted to take some of my tracks off there and put them to better use somewhere else but they said that recently a 'huge' client found a track they loved on audiosparx and after said client got the go ahead from his superiors, discovered the artist had removed the track, costing (audiosparx mainly) a big licensing deal. Now they don't allow you to remove material.

The worst thing about audiosparx in my opinion is still their quality control. There is so much awful **** on there that clearly makes no money and it saturates the site with way too much music. The whole pay per click thing they have going now made me lose a whole lot of interest, recently.

I've made audiosparx a lot of money the past few years and I haven't really seen that much of it when I boil it down. As a side, for random bits of unused material you have lying around it's not so bad, and I don't think Amber is wrong for trying it out for a bit of extra cash.

As my material strengthens, the more I stay away from those big buyout libraries - the amount of time it takes to upload and configure just one track is ludicrous, too.

Luckily, if you're in a position where libraries are approaching you, there is no need to put up all your material on a site like audiosparx - I didn't have that oppurtunity when I was first starting out, but now I do, I don't work with them so much anymore.

You mentioned the measly royalties...that hit me hard with them...I earned good royalties off one commercial I landed with them but I get a lot of in-store usage too and earn hilariously little - it may as well be gratis.