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Old 26th July 2013
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Logic X always clipping / Lack of Headroom

Hi i'm new to the forum

Any1 else having a problem with the lack of headroom?

On logic 9 i'd normally have all my individual drum tracks at about -4 or -5 and have no problem with clipping! With the Drum bus still having a couple (2-3 Dbs) headroom left!

On first few projects on Logic x i'm having to really turn the individual tracks down! For example on my current project i have all my individual drum tracks on -10 and the drum bus is still clipping! Yet its actually very quiet!

All the samples i'm using in these examples are from the same sample bank so difference in volumes is minimal! Whereas the difference between X and pro 9 is huge! This problem is actually making Logic x unusable

Any1 else experiencing this?

ps the adaptive limiter isn't behaving as it did in pro 9! Even when i set the out ceiling to -0.1 it can still clip (same with the L2 Limiter from Waves)

Any help would be much appreciated