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Hi M.Brew!

I was surfing Gearslutz and saw your post and thought I could add some insight…

First off, thank you for being an original NTI EQ3 fan! Second, thank you for your interest in Maag Audio gear! Our original NTI/nightpro gear is getting hard to find.

On a more positive note, I think you will find our new Maag Audio gear even better... Thanks to higher tolerance components and improvements in the design. The EQ4 actually has more headroom than the EQ3!

Plugin Alliance has done a great job with the EQ4 plugin as well. You can actually setup a free account with them and demo the plugin in your own studio.

I also recommend you check out the Tape Op review of the EQ4 by F. Reid Shippen. He describes the EQ4 as "Audio Photoshop." Tape Op Magazine > Reviews > Gear > EQ4 equalizer

To top it off, the Maag Audio EQ4 just won the 2012 Resolution Award for Quality and Innovation!

I hope this helps and Happy Holidays!

-Cliff Maag

No comment about the transformer question eh? Do these have transformers?