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Moog also have a fantastic filter for the 500 series that works the same way. I'm gearing up to get get a pair of both. *They are on the list. The Analog Delay Alone is worth it.

Again I think Anamod, or Steven Slate and Co...maybe both could do it as a joint one off. I'm not sure that you'd have to do exactly the same so much as model the parts in the conversion that give it that classic tone. The digital side to the actual reverb / FX processing could easily be plug in based and be controlled via MIDI. It's a specialized product, but with the right marketing it could work...there's always a pair of those units in the rack behind Chris Lord-Alge for example. Get someone like him to try it out and sign off on it and you'd be done.
Actually, it would be nice to see Lexicon get off this "Software Only" drive and become what they used to be, a brilliant developer of Reverb & FX Units and more so a 500 series. If a PrimeTime 2 Type 500 Series could be squeezed out! I'd say "Amen" to that. It's about time they created something new in Technology Terms, no doubt it could even be outsourced and made in China. In 10 years time just about everything Chinese will no doubt be perfect in form! No Manufacture Co$t problems then!