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Thanks for the feedback! I already have several amps so no extra money needed there. It would be for a music room / HT, 32 m² / 72 m³, treated concrete bunker were lowest length mode is 22 Hz. There is a group buy in the works for 15” woofers with the following parameters (still pending a bit):
Fs 22 Hz
Re 6,4 ohm
Qms 5,83
Qes 0,30
Sd 754 cm²
X max 19 mm
Le 0,76 mH
The still very "loose" plan is 4 pcs 15" ported boxes at front, and 4 pcs at the back as time delayed closed boxes with Linkwitz transform. Where the ported ones start to loose breath around / before lowest mode, the closed boxes will take over for infra besides evening out modes. There should be quite a bit of room gain in the pressure zone below 22 Hz as the room is well sealed. Time will show... Back tp topic, sorry.