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Il try to get a pair of PSI also.. Iv had no experience with them in the past so its about time I should give them a go. Always trusted the swiss ´ss. (no wonder they had to make a good de´esser )
If you do, get the A21M, thats what I use. Incredible monitors for nearfield use (can be used for midfield too). I think the A25M however wouldn't work for nearfield. Well I say that, I once asked Marc @ PSI what the minimum listening distance would be to the A25M and he said 1.5m, so if you're sitting that far away or more then it might work.

I use my A21M in a very tight space, just 1m distance between my head and the monitors, yet the sound is still super solid focused, with not a hint of phaseyness or crossover whatsoever. Soundstage projected by the PSI might not be as big as some of the other brands, but the listening sweet spot is massive. Move your head around the sound stays focused.