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Thanks guys!

Regarding the definition of nearfields I think that line has been " greyed out" over the years. Still none of these monitors are defined as pure midfields though some of them can be used in such a configuration.

Im still waiting for the KH310 and the new Barefoot mm27 gen2. So far I have been testing Pmc AML2 and twotwo, Barefoot mm27 (gen1) and ATCsmc25 . I have been listening to my reference material and other material/mixes with known flaws etc in addition to some mixing and mastering work in pro tools for about two weeks. I also measured the frequency, phase and impulserespons on all speakers in the same position.

If I had to choose right now the choice would be AML2. Im coming back to all the details when I have heard more speakers but aml2 is just an amazing (almost fullrange) tool in a very compact size. The piston driver measures fairly flat respons down to 30 hz compared to the atc scm25 that drops 10db from 60 to 50 hz and measures nothing at all under 50hz. Stay tuned