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Old 16th October 2006
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I bought my EC-2 from Northern Sound and Light for a pretty decent price. They carry the entire HD24 product set:

If you are feeding analog signals to the HD24, then the XR (or EC-2) version is definitely worth the money - the converters are OK on the HD24, but they are much superior on the XR.

If you are feeding digital signals to the HD24, then there is no benefit whatsoever to the XR/EC-2 version because the digital portion of the XR unit is identical to the base HD24.

In general, I'd always recommend the XR version at this point - the price difference isn't that great, and the XR version should hold its value better. Besides, even if you plan to come in via lightpipe, you may change your mind once you hear the HD24XR's converters.

One more point that bears repeating: Anyone who owns or uses an HD24 really should be a member of the Yahoo HD24 group. It is a very active owner community having nearly 1500 members with some serious expertise.