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I love BC; if you don't need/want to be in mainstream stores like iTunes, Amazon, etc, or on streaming subscription services, BC is great little resource.

And, actually a great little resource either way; nothing to stop you from having your stuff in the mainstream channels and then offering higher quality download purchases -- and BC allows purchasers to set their own price (or not, depending on the artist's wishes, who sets the price otherwise) as well as to get their downloads in anything from phone-friendly 3gp's to full-CD fidelity FLAC or Apple Lossless.
Yep. Bandcamp is really great. They've also got great ways to help build your audience by using free give-aways in exchange for email addresses etc. I personally find the best way to use it to offer a large number of freebies (they only have to give their address once) whether it's out-takes or good live recordings or demos etc running alongside a nice selection of purchasable products.

And by all means use the other more mainstream storefronts (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify - if you so choose) as well. That's generally where the more casual fan will first go to find your music. For instance a guy takes a buddy from work along to a show and chances are unless he's used to spending time digging around the net (and the casual fans usually don't) he'll just pop your name into iTunes or Spotify and see if you're there. And if you're not? Well the kettle has probably finished boiling and he's already thinking about that email he needs to reply to and then the text from his girlfriend, oh and he forgot sugar in his coffee... before you know it you've possibly lost a sale/listen.

The more avenues the more ways to reach you!