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Here for the gear


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Unfortunately, I cannot insert another option or change the pool.
I've seen that you voter "Other", tho

$5 a month it's 60 per year, plus you pay extra money for an album or a single. They are more expensive distributor I've seen!

I've discovered another one:
Blood Rush Digital
But they cost you 15% of royalties, like AWAL or the free package of ADED, although they don't charge you money. If you don't sell more then 10 albums per year, I think this is a great option.

MondoTunes seems the best option, distributing your music to 750+ stores, and charging a one time fee (not yearly or monthly) of 39$99 and no additional fees per store.

I'm hunting MondoTunes reviews and unsatisfied customers, but I've seen none. I think I'm going MondoTunes...
Plz let me know how that turns out because i think am joining and al post complete honest feed back promise ! no BS