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Here for the gear

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Here are the audio files!
The settings are a little bit extreme so you can really hear the compressors working:

Treshold : between -6 and -12db, depending on the plugin.
Attack : 30ms
Release : 1 or auto, depending on the plugin.
Ratio : 10:1 or 20:1, depending on the plugin.

I have tried to match the sound, not only the settings.
Please post the results below. Good Luck!!
I like 4 the least, because it can't handle transients well in some parts, for example around 1:06. It seems like this plugin might have problems with difficult passages, for example drum rolls. Rank 4

2 sounds most dynamic and snappy, but also a little more saturated compared to the others, so I would guess it's VBC. If cranked up some more, the others possibly sound a little snappier, too. While I think the others have some more room to be cranked up, 2 seems to be at the limit already. Rank 2

3 sounds really good in every way to me. It has nearly the same good lows as example 2 and it just feels right. Together with 2 it has the best groove and motion, everything fits well and even the highs are pleasing. Somehow I like this one the most. Rank 1

1 is solid but maybe lacking some lows and sound a little harsher compared to the others. I never used Duende SSL or UAD SSL, so I'd guess it's Waves. Rank 3

Neither my ears, nor my monitors are the best, that's just the way I hear it for the moment.