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High end nearfield test

Hey guys!

I am trying to do a big test and review of several high end monitors in my studio.Barefoot mm27 gen1 and gen2, Pmc Aml2 , Twotwo, Geithain 944K1, Atc Smc25, Focal Sm9, PsiĀ“s, Klein&Hummel and Neumann Kh310 among others are included.

Though some midfields will be brought in for comparison I will try to focus on speakers I can use in a near field position.
My plan is to try all of these magnificent speakers over a 3month period.

I will do subjective and objective tests to find out what to expect regarding differences in addition to my personal experience with them all.
I will also at the end buy the speaker that fits my room, my specifications and my needs!