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Old 4th July 2013
Squillo is a tenor vocal technique, not really used by other voice types, so I'm not sure that's the correct term to use about this problem with the soprano voice.

I've heard several explanations, from 48v phantom not being high enough voltage to accurately capture the source to actual acoustic anomalies.

I do not have the technical understanding to elaborate on the first, but I have, when listening to singers live, heard some distortion-sounding artifacts actually coming from the singers mouths. It is typically worse on less-polished singers, though I've heard some great ones do it in moments of intensity too.

This was of course on an operatic singer where they are REALLY spinning the air in the high range, so I'm not really sure how this would happen in a choral setting, as the massed singers do not project in quite the same way as a soloist does. My guess is that it's a mechanical problem in the chain. Maybe a less-than-stellar mic or a gain-staging problem?