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Old 3rd July 2013
Gear Head

Thank you for starting this thread, Michael. This is anwering a lot of questions for me!

I am grappling with some choir recordings I need to mix that have a LOT of what sounds like IM distortion. I think it is not the gear, as I've used different mics and cables with them, and the distortion sound appears to be consistent (and the Millennia and Apogee part further in the chain specs out in the clear.)

Also, I'm doing some soprano and piano recording coming up in September.

The explanations in this thread make the most sense to me as to the distortion sound.

The last time I recorded her I used two UM17Rs in ORTF and wide cardioid at around 5' high, about 6 feet or so away. Schoeps CMT30s in cardioid in ORTF back and up for room sound. This yielded acceptable results.

When I do the next session, I will record copious notes.

She stood in familiar recital formation with the piano, although I think I was able to get her to stand a little further away than she's used to, in order to help downplay the piano volume in her mics.

When you say you re-aimed the MK21's axis, aiming it abover her head, where exactly was the mic placed? In front of her face?

My soprano, through some trial and error experimentation with a previous engineer has found that she prefers her sound when the mic is no higher than chest level. When it is higher, it is getting to many overtones that are important for projection in a hall, but sound overly bright up close. I wonder due to your findings I could have the mic higher, but focused off axis from her mouth (i.e., pointed over her head) and get good results.