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Here for the gear

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This if for all of you slutz who want to try the fix for themselves.

Get a "header terminal strip" from your local electronics part store.
Jaycar Electronics - Search results HM3212
And some small resistors:
2x 180ohm and 2x1k8 for 75% gain and/or
2x 330ohm and 2x3k3 for 50% gain.
Note the 1:10 ratio. You can use any value from 0/0ohm to 2/20kohm.
Snap two sets of 4 pins from the strip.
Solder a 180ohm between pin 1 and 3 and a 1k8 between pin 2 and 4.
Solder them on the shortest pins and make another one.
Use the 330/3k3 set if you want 50% gain.
Unplug the power of the Motu and remove the top (3 screws).
Locate the pot board behind the mic sockets and remove the two screws that hold it in place. Lift it up to unplug it from its socket. Remove the knobs and wrigle it out of the front.
Plug in the thinghy's you made, making shure, the lowest value resistor (180ohm) is pointing to the closest corner. Make sure, the resistors are not touching each other. Close the unit and put the old parts in a ziplock. You might need them again.
Try the unit with the mic input software cranked up again.
Post your findings..
Hello there from a new Poster: I performed this mod to 2 828 MK II Firewire units, worked out great! I was in a hurry, so I just bent/formed the resistor leads and inserted them into the open socket positions on the 828 circuit board when the pot daughter board was removed. I know that using the headers is the best way, but if there is a rush (read: Session) this method will work. BTW, the problem with my units was not crackling, but intermittent/rough taper of the gain pots. I am happier with the set gain values (75%), rather than the gain jumping all over the place as was the original fault with my interfaces. Hope this helps. Thanks again, LeeYoo!