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OK, finally!!!, worked out all the bugs on this. The LT's sound good.

I have a Symphony I/O. I'd like to do a blind test. It seems I have to somehow get the volume the same between the two. The closer I get the volumes the same the harder it is to choose between the two.

The ADA-8000 with LT1359's mod hypes the sound in some way but there you go. Personally I like the Symphony for now but it seems like the LT makes the sound more 3D. I'll probably change my mind once I get the volumes matched. LOL.

Keep in mind I am clocking the ADA8000 with the Symphony clock. The clock is a BIG problem in the stock ADA8000 and using an external clock really cleans it up.
I had the premium mod done from BLA on my ADA, before I sent it to them I did some nulling test with track. I used the ADA's clock, then my Ensembles clock, then I have a BLA Sparrow MKII ADC that uses the same clock in the FM192, or it actually might be a better version of that clock I'm not positive.

The results were staggering. When I would null out the ADA's clock to the Ensembles you could hear hear more of just about every frequency coming through. Then I would compare the ensemble to the BLA's clock and that was not quite as bad, but you could definitely hear some low's and highs making their way through. When I compared the ADA's stock clock to the BLA that's when it was jaw dropping. It's incredible the quality and accuracy of BLA's Sparrow MKII's clock.

After that I ran some mixes through the stock ADA clocking off the BLA and then using it's own clock to see if I could hear those frequencies that were coming through the nulled files, and sure enough, it made that unit sound like a totally different unit, just by externally clocking.

When I got the modded version back, well all I can say is it blows my ensemble out of the water. I was even more impressed with the preamps. I found myself picking them over my API 3124 alot of the time. When you combine the improvements in the analog circuitry and the improvements in the conversion of the modded ADA it almost makes me feel like I've stolen something. They take a $250 box that in it's own right is great for routing and the fact it gives you 8 pre's w/ conversion, into a contender for units 3x it's cost. It's the best $600 I've ever spent, and I also got mine modded when they were running the specials on the mods.

BLA is a great company, I have a lot of trust in them, and whenever I have a piece of equipment laying around that doesn't see much use I always think to give them a call and just ask if they can do something to make it useful. They can mod just about anything if you ask. Great company.

Thanks for the thread!