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Jazz4, I know you're in the UK.

How do you deal with only getting 50% of the royalties since it doesn't let you put 100%? I don't have a pub deal and don't really want to set up a publishing company just to collect the other 50% in the US.

Also, do you remember what sort of stuff did you send to JP to be screened? First time I sent some orchestral stuff, and the second my quirky stuff. JP seem to license a lot of the kind of redneck, banjo, ukulele stuff.
Yeah, see that split is terrible, but I sort of can't rely on myself to do my own publishing since I'm a bit of a laymen when it comes to the process and the paperwork. I just have to make a great deal of output and hope I land A LOT of licenses to see okay money.

It's also bad for us because we get paid in dollars. The exchange rate is pretty lame..

I submitted all sorts to JP and maybe that's why they greenlit me. I supply them a lot of varying styles - mostly TV stuff/reality stuff. Now I'm doing custom reality tv stuff for another library. I don't tend to like doing loads of varied things because I don't think anyone can do every genre and sub-genre to an expert standard - it's more about picking your niche. I have no idea what they license most, or if they have specifically popular styles. I've seen their library crop up on TV shows and Vice documentaries, all varied music.