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Old 20th June 2013
Lives for gear

What sort of stuff do you have with Jingle Punks?
Pop/hip-hop/dance/electronic/rock music!

The first two I've had in the last 10 days or so were $229 which I received $91 commission on. I don't think doing big elaborate orchestral tracks would be worth it for me, but these two tracks probably took me about 5-8 hours to finish and I was paid around $800 to compose/produce each one.
the 40% hurts for sure, at least they allow you to administer your own publishing! for 40% it just isn't worth creating original material! you're smart to utilize work that is already done.

i make records and always have songs that don't make the cut! this doesn't mean they are lesser songs then what did, just that they didn't fit anywhere! so for me they are already done, i figure it's better to try and use them somewhere rather then them sitting on an encrypted hard-drive doing nothing!