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Old 20th June 2013
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To be honest, I just went with the prices Audiosparx suggested apart from maybe 5% of what I uploaded.

The first two I've had in the last 10 days or so were $229 which I received $91 commission on. I don't think doing big elaborate orchestral tracks would be worth it for me, but these two tracks probably took me about 5-8 hours to finish and I was paid around $800 to compose/produce each one. These aren't really commercial sounding pieces of music either.

I have some more stuff I'm going to upload this weekend that has a huge commercial factor (one which was a non exclusive TV ad, the other was a pitch that was rejected because the company gave the wrong brief!)

As for Jingle Punks, I've sent the three tracks and I've not even had chance to say if I'll be exclusive or not. Saying that, my stuff doesn't really sound much like that what license.

What sort of stuff do you have with Jingle Punks? They seem to try and offer something the other libraries don't have.

As for Extreme, I imagine you'd sent a link to some excellent work and hope for the best.