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Originally Posted by spiderman View Post
next thing you know your getting harassed, your dog gets murdered in the back yard, or worse.
I'd LOVE to see someone try to murder my dog in the back yard..... heh heh I have the ambulance on speed dial.

As far as Audiosparx - I have some stuff with them. Compared to other on-line libraries, they have been quite disappointing. Not sure why. Maybe their clients are just not a good match for what I have put there.

I will say one thing. Very nice people who try to be helpful, but they are the most left-brain centric and difficult / convoluted library I've ever seen. Their upload process is archaic and like getting a tooth pulled. Their philosophies on search, etc. seem to be the study of a PhD, but hasn't panned out well on this end. Have had a few placements, but small percentages comparatively speaking.