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Old 19th June 2013
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Should I get Neve 33609 C or J

Hey guys,
In my area there are Neve 33609 either C or J model for around $3200 and $3300. I'm wondering which model is the best or should I even consider getting it.

I mainly do electronica production and I know SSL type buss comp (I own GSSL type and xpressor) is great comp to go. Plus I'm a big fan of 500 series that I rather get several 500s than one boutique outboard.

However, I'm still tempted because
A. It's a legendary comp
B. I am thinking about expanding my career as producing other artist as well.

It's not that I have so much money lying around to spend but also thinking about getting this comp for resale value in the future.

I would really appreciate your input.