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Re: Re: Re: Re: CD burning in a computer vs. stand alone

Bingo - that'll do it. Use your outboard ADC connected to the computer via your 'dig in' on your card. It'll write files to your HDD and then you can burn data discs (not regular audio discs - they're 16 bit), and you'll be golden... [/B][/QUOTE]

AHHHHH! So there is no sonic degradation once I'm in the digital domain-- using spdif/firewire/aes-ebu won't make a difference, and then I can use the laptop like a souped up masterlink, with editing capabilities, etc. I can then burn a disc of audio files and bring that to the mastering house, use for back-up, etc. For non-critical stuff, and CD's for the band, I can just burn them something with the computer. Now it would be nice to be able to get a Crane Song Hedd or Lucid with firewire and lose the digigram card... looks like apaogee does have firewire available as an option....Thanks sooooo much for the help, Brad. And Jules you rock too.