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Re: Re: Re: CD burning in a computer vs. stand alone

Originally posted by rll
Excuse me for my confusion but... I understand that the outboard converters will be better than converters in a masterlink for example, and better than the digigram vx pocket that use to get audio into my laptop.
Yes, definitely.

But if I did choose to use the laptop w/ a 2 track editor such as Peak, and burn to the internal maxtor in the laptop, which converter would you recommend?
Are you looking for specific converter recommendations? Any of the ones you listed will be fine...

Or is there a better, more direct way to get the audio out of the converter and into the computer? The VX pocket has spdif digital connectors.
Bingo - that'll do it. Use your outboard ADC connected to the computer via your 'dig in' on your card. It'll write files to your HDD and then you can burn data discs (not regular audio discs - they're 16 bit), and you'll be golden...