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Old 17th September 2002
Re: CD burning in a computer vs. stand alone

Originally posted by rll
I am mixing on an analog console. Is it better sonically to master to
a stand alone CD burner (masterlink, hhb, etc.), via a good a/d
converter or go into the computer and burn there (I have a titanium
laptop with an internal maxtor burner). And does it make any
difference if you are using firewire or usb into the computer? Many of
the decent converters do not seem to have firewire as an option--
lucid, cranesong hedd, apogee, and only a few have usb like the new
apogee mini-me.
Outboard converters by Crane Song, Apogee, and Lucid are going to sound much better than the converters in the CD burner. Plus, by recording to the computer, you have the option (which I would exercise) to capture your mixes at longer wordlengths (20 or 24 bits) which can be burned as data discs (which are more robust than cda)... whew...

Anyway, you won't get real-time burning (as your recording it) with a computer and outboard converter, but your resulting capture will be much better.