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Luv me some Devlins...

man, i'm a huge fan of the Devlins, know any gear the brothers can't live without, or anything you can tell us about the guys? You don't hear too much about them.
They have always had great albums with great engineers.

michael bliss

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I toured the US last year as front of house engineer for Irish band the Devlins.

On the first gig, the house guy had a U5 which I opted to try over using the BSS we had brought with us to save on space.

The minute the gig was over, we hopped onto the bus, found the nearest Sam Ash and used it on every date of the tour therafter.

I've been loving my U5 and using it for any live or studio gig ever since.

Live, the U5 using the 2 preset has always delivered for bass. I found any of the presets too much for acoustics so I prefer running it flat for them.

It has good presence without the eq curves and preset 2, with bass, always gave me a beautiful low mid hump.

I do find in studio, it needs a little help, but as mentioned in another post, run it through a preamp using the mic level output and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

My personal pre chioce is a Neve 3415 class A/B module I racked. Works a treat with my U5.