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Old 6th June 2013
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I think the V-Synth is one of the best synthesizers ever made.

In terms of control surfaces it is an example of how to stick software in a hardware box and do it right, instead of a situation where you buy a big grey box with keys and wonder if a computer would have been a better choice.

Every day atm I'm discovering something new about the V-Synth, and for me it's more exciting than any other synth I have. Truly a programmer's synth, but designed well enough that even poor programmers like myself can understand it.

I paid $800 for mine (original XT) and I think this is one digital instrument that could become sought after and command higher prices. I've just got the Vocal Designer, and can't wait to start playing with that.

I don't really care about Roland's analog heyday - I've got synths to cover analog ground, and there are replacements that could fill the gap in some shape or form. I can't think of another instrument that could fill the spot my V-Synth sits in, even a quarter as well.