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i'm not sure i agree that Yamaha and Roland have identical pedigrees. the big era defining analog synth for Yamaha is the CS-80 but i doubt it could be reintroduced as a new synth today for less of a price than only a few could afford. Yamaha's contribution to analog was mainly a 70's thing and by '83 and onward they were selling FM synths while Roland kept the analog thing going a some time longer. The difference to me is that a lot of Roland analog gear is their best stuff and it seems after the D50 or at least by the late 80's they never looked back.

Also another difference between Yamaha and Roland is that Yamaha didn't have any analog drum machines like the TR-808 or the TR-909, both of which have created whole genres of music. You would think that Roland would notice this.
I disagree that a modern CS-80 would be expensive, the biggest hurdle is the rare parts like in most old analog gear which aren't being made anymore.

It's interesting what Roland will do in the next 5 years, their current synths are starting to get dated, Gaia has a really bland sound while Jupiter-80 didn't really take off. What's happening now is analog is picking up, I'm predicting we'll see a few polysynths in the next few years from various makers.

So Roland would have to either make really really good sounding VAs or some other interesting digital synth or analog.

I'm guessing they don't care much about synths, they look at synths as something a pro needs with a ton of realistic sounding presets and since they have such a diverse range of products they don't really care if the synths category is not making much $$$

Like someone else said all their old stuff is popular right now from 303 to Paraphonic 505 and they haven't even made one modern equivalent, unbelievable.