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well i for one prefer my roland synths to be classy, clean and sometimes i'm their first one ! you can have your sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths, etc that are dusty and dirty. i use the finest norwex fabrics to clean them like the day we first met in the show room

my fantom g8 has a head on her shoulders. she may not have many knobs and sliders but she has a nice round bottom. the deeper you go into her menus and the more you spend time with her the more interesting she becomes, unlike a synth that has everything laid out for everyone to see.

she can sample just over 2 hours and can dress up like the her older siblings but really she is a good girl, she likes church and stays away from the strip clubs and party scene. she can record whole songs, she gets along really well with my daw and her pha II keys feel great even just as a controller.

i can't say all that about her more experimental sister, the v-synth gt, who was the heart throb of electronic producers just a few short years ago. i feel as though she has been neglected by people like the OP and that there has been a great deal of confusion about her since she was announced.

suffice to say she is one of the most gorgeous keyboards ever conceived with a style that is the envy of most other manufacturers (like maschine mk1). her ability to combine the organic with the synthetic is as unmatched as her ability to bend time, pitch and formant.

she has plenty of knobs but more interestingly she has a beautiful touch screen display that makes complex sound design simple and rewarding. unlike her older siblings she is only limited by your imagination and quickly takes off into uncharted territory for true synthesists