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I haven't noticed any latency issues so far, latency seems in fact better (lower) than with my old PCI Delta 1010lt soundcard, although that was on an older computer with winxp. Can't report on the exact latencies i'm getting atm, but i used it while monitoring e-guitar with vst amp simulators and playing edrums through drum vsti live and the latency seemed decent to me.
If you have any more questions let me know.

I was actually a bit hesitant in buying the Scarlett at first because of it being USB, but i've been pleasantly surprised in all areas since i got it. I had bought the Saffire Pro 40 at first, but i was having problems with Firewire on my Vista laptop, so i returned it and got this one instead.
Thanks. I just put in my order at Sweetwater for an 18i20. Fingers crossed that they get them in stock soon, and also that I love it!

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