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Old 20th May 2013
Here for the gear


Hi Guys!

A little update just in case somebody should have a similar problem. I got no answer from Mr Pittman and Fender is providing no service for former GT devices ether. But I kind solved the problem by myself. But it only works for European version of the Brick which is set up for 230V voltage. Its power transformer is the same as in the 120V US-Version. It is just the way how it is wired to the power switch that makes the difference. Here is a quote from an email to a Brick owner from GT that I found on the internet:

"Find the two inside wires (RED, BLACK) off the power transformer
follow them up to the power switch and cut them off at the power switch
being carefull not to cut the other black and red wires.
Now strip and twist them together.
Also insulate.

Done.... now you have just converted it from 120v to 230volts"

So I re-wired the transformer to 120V (of course I use a 230V-to-120V voltage converter to power the Brick). But now I have half the voltage in the coil and so the humming is half the strong. You can barley hear it from the outside and there is nothing of it in the signal now, even if I turn the gain to the limit. So I'm pretty happy now. If I had a spare transformer I'd still change it but only to be on the safe side.

Best to you all,