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I agree with John that manufacturers whose products we use for porous absorbers, are still primarily oriented to thermal insulation,

To be clear, nobody ever forbid to use anything for acoustical treatment, even rockwool and glasswool .... but this still doesn't mean that all of this are produced primarily for acoustical absorption needs... I think that this is the main point of John writings...

We weren't discussing thermal products for absorbers - we were discussing thermal products for isolation within wall assemblies........ acoustic room treatments had nothing to do with this particular discussion. I'm slightly confused by the response you made.

Having said that - sure the manufacturers are geared towards thermal insulation primarily - and i do not see that changing........ the market for acoustic products is a tiny piece of their sales - the largest market (real money) is in building envelopes, the 2nd largest market is HVAC - room acoustics is a fringe market that just sort of "happened".... that they are spending any money on marketing for this at all is actually pretty surprising to me.

This because people like us are out there supporting sales of these products in that particular market for free......