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Noise insulation is a 'new thing' and is just catching on in the large manufacturing companies that make these products. We are a very small market for them.
I don't often catch anything not quite right in your posts.....

This is not quite correct though....

"Sound Batt" insulation has been in use since at least the 1980's...... which was my first use of the product - it may well have existed before then - a lot of things existed before my involvement with them......

It is a lighter density insulation than standard thermal fiberglass insulation - and we used it pretty extensively for both office and residential construction over the years. It was developed primarily for an increase of isolation in the frequency range of speech.

I gave up using it back in the mid to late 90's however because (again) any small gain that might be realized through it's use was not worth the premium paid due to the fact that it was a specialty product.

We could always realize the best return on our investment simply by using standard insulation and taking care to make certain that the remainder of the construction was properly installed.