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Nobody i've worked with has ever referenced a DD track, except once when someone mentioned the Fairlight used on Notorious. That was it.

and the JP-8 is better associated with Howard Jones, the way a pro-one is to Vince. but whatever.

thing is this: DD were always a pop band first, w/ a keyboard player that uses synths - they're hardly pioneers of any sort, by any stretch - except to those that already love them, and in the sense of being early to putting videos on MTV
personally, I feel The Human League beat em to it and evidence abounds- as they are referenced much more often - partly because they didn't start out as a pop act; their 1st 2 records are focused on electronic music, specifically.
Even more, i feel that almost NOBODY is responsible for pioneering much of anything - we stand on the shoulders of giants before us- and it's just an evolutionary chain that will carry on regardless of 'who gets credit'.

DD are 'influential to some' and lets leave it at that.

You can always tell someone who is just parroting back what they "think" Nick Rhodes was supposed to be, was jeleous that his girlfriend masturbated to Duran posters, and thought the cover of Teen Beat was journalism

If this guy actually listened to a track like Arcadia's "The Promise" and didn't get why it worked, then ya just can't be helped... but I'm sure David Gilmore, Herbie Hancock and Sting were hacks too