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Twenty years later...

Hi Howie. You mastered the 'Singles' soundtrack which had included a song I wrote for the band Truly called "Heart and Lungs". It was in the film, but unfortunately dumped from the album at the last second, but Sony sent me your version which is in the film and it sounded amazing. (We also spoke briefly on the phone, don't know if you remember, but it was a pleasure working with you for a few minutes!) Anyway, you were saying in one of these post... "I just remastered the rerelease of the Pantera stuff and I kept the original sound but added a bit of a modern touch with 2013 technology."

Although aesthetics have changed, actual recording "quality" doesn't seem to have improved much over time. Twenty years ago it seemed "largeness" came first... then "loudness". Obviously software has come a long way, but what are some of the significant differences in what can be achieved sonically now v.s in the early 90's?