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Old 18th May 2013
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E-MU Tweakheadz Labs "The Post Industrial Cyber-Sound Depot"

Hello Slutz,

Unfortunately, Rich the TweakMeister at Tweakheadz Labs past away a couple of years back so this sample set for E-MU has been impossible for me to purchase though his old site, I have sent MANY emails and the likes but never a reply, I've posted on craigslist, E-MU's on Acid, Dogs on Acid but to no avail.

I know there is some of you die hard E-MU musicians out there who still use hardware synths and samplers. I am looking for a specific E-MU, EMU sound set that was manufactured by Rich at Tweakheadz Labs called: "The Post Industrial Cyber-Sound Depot" for my E-MU E4XT and E4K keyboard. I am wanting to do some industrial type music for a film score and, I need this sound set to do it!

I know there are still some copies floating around out there. I have a HUGE E-MU library filled with thousands of sound sets that I have diligently collected throughout the years but, am still searching for this specific title (considering I really need it right now). Give me a shout if you have this and we'll do a deal of some sort! Thanks!