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Do you use different artist names?

I'm not sure how to approach the whole thing. Do you do different albums? (let's say like 'punk rock confessionals', '80s Miami' 'Hybrid Techo', 'epic themes' etc)
I don't choose to put together albums, I just do single tracks. (they don't sell a lot of music packs).

I just have one artist name (my name). I get A LOT of people contacting me after they either use stuff from audiosparx or simply just here my stuff. It's not a bad platform actually.

I just write a lot of stuff and put it on. There's no real method.

The only problem about Audiosparx is their lack of quality control. There are some great works on there and then some absolutely horrible stuff that never gets used. If there's anything you want to know about them, how it works or want any advice, I'll be happy to let you know. I've worked with them for ages now.