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Old 11th May 2013
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I do pretty well off them every month. Have landed placements with quite big brands too, like, Delta Airlines, Volkswagen, Little Caeser's, etc.

Any of the genres under 'dramatic music' sell the most, but it's pretty hard to pin-point exactly as it always changes.

I'm not exclusive with them, so I can be with any other library I want, and with the same tracks.

The people who run it are super nice and great with feedback. They always get back to me within minutes.

They also have partner sites like 'stockmusicsite' that are royalty free. I get great licenses on there, too. It's taken me like 4 years mind you to see a steady income. They also feature me a lot which adds to more deals being made. The trick is to became a featured artist so you get more exposure, and it's good to cover as many bases as you can, genre wise.