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On the subject of reissues, a whole lot of us are very unhappy with the reissues of projects we sweat making years ago. I had an experience that really left me wondering if tape deteriorates over time making re-masters virtually impossible. My former boss at Motown sent me a CD-R he'd made from some of our 45s played with a top of the line Shure cartridge, a radio shack phono preamp and his SoundBlaster card. Hardly a "high end" approach.

The original master had been cut flat and sounded pretty indistinguishable from the tape. This CD-R sounded outrageously better than any CD reissue. My gut reaction was yes, THAT'S what I remember the record sounding like! Could the vinyl have captured that moment in the master tape's life before it deteriorated? I'm asking because you are one of a very few people in a position to have any idea about this possibility.