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Same equipment I used in the thread on Slayer. That Muse record was unusual and had a lot of mixes because Rich Costey would do some retweaking after I mastered some tracks. That's a really good example of a mixer and a mastering guy working together during the mixing process to get some really amazing results. It also helps that the band is amazing.

For volume, I liked the sound of pushing into the DCS converters which clip really well. BTW, the record was also mixed to 1/2" tape which already gave it some loudness due to the tape saturation. I didn't have to clip it much. Now I use the Antelope Eclipse converters because they sound great, have a great clock, has a neutral sound, and clip really well.

It's important to know that I monitor through the converter so I can eq into the clipping so I can compensate for what the clipping does.