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Old 17th September 2002
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I'm with Jules. I would never subject a singer to that out of phase bull. Maybe it's because I'd never do anything to someone that I wouldn't do to myself while recording. If a singer wants to track vocals without headphones I almost always use a dynamic mic and have them eat it. I'll postion it so the speaker(s) are in the null and I mute whatever I can. Whatever I can't mute is as low in the mix as possible. I've never had a problem doing that.

One time I had an engineer book time in my room to cut everything live to 2". This was kind of odd to me but maybe not to other people... He had the band setup in the main room and the singer off in the lounge. Rather then put the amps in the iso-booths he had them in the live room with the drums, but everyone had headphones on. Huh?