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I hear a tempo synced tremolo on something, and later on some breathy filtered stuff ... not sure exactly what sounds you are focusing on. I would expect these sounds mostly come from keyboards or soft synths. It's certainly a lot easier to do pulsing tempo sync'd stuff ITB with soft synths. Some keyboards can sync to external midi clock and give you tempo sync'd stuff.

You can do ambient droney stuff with a guitar if you want - temp sync'd delays are good for that. But for actual pulsing tempo sync'd stuff there aren't many processors that do that well. One of my main gripes about Line6 stuff is there utter refusal to make their products sync to midi clock. They have no idea - as is evident in any forum discussion about Line6 and midi tempo. Roland are much better in this regard, and there a boxes like the Adrenalinn that also work.

Boss make a Slicer pedal that isn't as great as it could have been, but can do pulsing tremolo stuff that syncs to midi clock.

But it's probably easier to play a preset on a soft synth ...

Camel Audio Alchemy is great for droney ambient stuff - and you can import your own samples if you want to process your guitar sounds ...