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Hey guys, can someone please help me?! I love this song and the whole production but I just can't figure out how they did the atmospheric sounds in the background of the verses and it's driving me insane Is that a guitarfeedback with tons of reverb?? Some sample? Some synthesizer? Someone please tell me

Link: Matthew Mayfield - Take What I Can Get (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Thanks!! Ben
Can you be more specific as to what sound you're talking about? There's a lot of ethereal stuff going on in the background between verses.

If you're talking about that initial drone that happens when the song first starts (and lasts throughout the song) it sounds like a pad of some sort. The actual sound itself sounds like some sort of bowed/stringed instrument. It wouldn't be that hard to recreate; what DAW are you using (assuming you even want to recreate it)?