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I have the SlideRig and it's everything that the demo vids show it is. Supper clean and quiet, it doesn't color your tone. I've loved it from the moment first I plugged into it. In the past I tried to do what it does using two Boss 1/2 rack CL50's which are fine compressors for guitar or base but strapped together with this much compression they are uselessly noisy, Though they do have an included gate in them but the gate chops off some of the slide if set low enough to keep them quiet. Works great on jangly rhythm parts through my AC 30. Which makes me think I need to try it with a 12 string. Does country Tele great too. Most compressors I've tried get noisy and/or even pumpy ( particularly so with single coils ) when you use them in a manor of an effect so the compression is really evident not the SlideRigg. I recommend it with out reservation. I bought mine with the 18 vlt power supply and have never used it 9vlts, they said it increases head room.