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Old 2nd May 2013
Here for the gear

Hey Johny

I like what your doing there. I listen to tracks on gear forums to see what other peeps are doing and don't get most of them, but yours hit a nerve with me. I like the songwriting and vocals. I'm a gear freak so would say that they could use some more programming, producing, tinkering but thats just my opinion, you could probably get them there yourself. I think the question is what do you think the tracks need to make them more rounded professional productions. Myself I used to play in bands years ago and had the same problem as yourself unreliable musicians, hence I turned to computers !!! haha still unreliable.. Have a listen to a track on my soundcloud from a few months ago, I wrote the grooves and gave it to a friend who I used to be in a band with and he provided the vocal, which I then built and produced the track around. Anyhow like your grooves keep it up, maybe we do a collaboration if you like my programming?

Best Regards