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Old 30th September 2006
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This is really funny...!!!

Hi guys,

Bruce, it's been great reading all your posts. I'm super happy to be in a vibe-sharing environment like this - even if it is virtual.

I say this is really funny, because a couple of days ago I answered someone's post on Bjork's vocal sound. I worked with her on Vespertine and am currently working with her on her new album.

I've been wondering what the story is with what is simply known in this camp as "The Wooden Mic"! All I knew was that it's a custom from a Finnish guy with "some Neumann bits in it".

Well, actually, that's not true! I ALSO know it sounds f**KN AMAZING!

To answer the "where can you hear it" question, it's on lead vocals on "Hidden Place", the first song on Vespertine, and a good few others. On that track it was running through an Avalon VT-737 channel strip, and we recorded Bjork in a tiny holidy cabin out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of an Icelandic winter.

I've also just used it to record clavichord, a couple of feet above the soundboard, along with a calrec soundfield a few feet further away and a swiss contact mic that was already on the instrument.

Martin's mic really is amazing.

Bruce, is there any way you could put me directly in touch with Martin? I was hoping I could ask him a couple of questions about the mic.

Thanks again!