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Knauf insulation products in the Nordic countries:

According to Knauf Norway, the DIY home market Space slab and Space roll products with lambda value 0.039 has a density of roughly 12 kg/m3.
And according to Knauf Germany, airflow resistivity for this particular density should be right below 5 kPa*s/m2 (see below for explanation).

Products with lambda value 0.037 has a density of 15 kg/m3, expected resistivity here is 5-6 kPa*s/m2.

Knauf products for the pro market has higher densities, because of stiffness requirements.

Look for products named Space slab/roll, Crown slab/roll, Isolering plate/rull. These are different names for the same product. According to the sales rep I talked to you can find this same product in all the Nordic countries.

Knauf: Gör Det Själv - Isolering

Knauf Tech Support in Germany told me to go for a 15 kg/m3 Norwegian Knauf product if I wanted air flow resistivity around 5 kPa*s/m2. They provided the following information:

TI 140 U: Nominal density 15 kg/m3, flow resistivity 5-6 kPa*s/m2
TI 135 U: Nominal density 21 kg/m3, flow resistivity 8-10 kPa*s/m2
TP 435 B: Nominal density 25 kg/m3, flow resistivity 10-12 kPa*s/m2

(See attachment for more info regarding these numbers.)

Unifit TI is the same as Classic. Snipped from email conversation with Knauf Germany: "classic 040 and unifit TI 140 are approximately 6 ±1 kPa *s/m² and from classic 035 and unifit TI 135 approximately 10 ±2 kPa *s/m²"

Knauf Germany Tech Support obviously believes there is some correlation between German and Nordic Knauf products when it comes to density and air flow resistivity.

Note 2: EU regulation requires insulation to be at least 5 kPa*s/m2. Norway is not part of the EU, but Sweden and Denmark is, so it could be that the Space roll/slab 039 is really 5 kPa*s/m2, while 037 is 6-7 kPa*s/m2.
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