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Hi Bruce!

Very interesting readings, and a huge thanks for letting us all feel the atmosphere of recording with giants. I feel my question might be like asking the king of a beautiful country how he manage the infrastructure, but still, I find it important so here goes:

Reading your posts it's quite clear that you strive for a natural sound, and one important part for that is the AD/DA converters, and to get some pointers from a man who was in the industry when it went from analogue to digital(and delivers some of the most beautifully sounding recordings to date) would be pure Christmas!

I know, "Use my ears!" but I can't do that with all the converters out there, so if you could mention some you find good or natural, Please, reply

Best regards,
Linus Öhman

UNIVERSAL AUDIO-2192 Master Audio Interface -
stereo A->D & D->A converter.

Apogee-PSX-100 - Special Edition - stereo A->D & D->A converter.

There they are....

The UNIVERSAL AUDIO-2192 is head and shoulders above anything else....

Bruce Swedien